M2205 800MHz Base Transceiver


The M2205 is a Base Transceiver (BX) for Iocast networks, supporting one forward and one reverse channel in one of several 800MHz bands. It incorporates one single-channel transmitter and one single-channel dual-diversity receiver, as well as a GPS-disciplined Oscillator, CPU, DSP, and Ethernet interface.

The M2205 can operate stand-alone, as a low-power indoor unit, or it can be coupled with an external power amplifier for long-range applications. Its 1RU package, 8” depth, light weight, and energy efficiency enable it to fit neatly into tabletop, wall-mount, rack-mount, and pole-mount positions.

  • Single-Channel Receiver and Transmitter
  • Micro and macro-diversity processing
  • Small, Simple, and Energy Efficient
  • 10-30 Mile Coverage Radius (with External PA)
  • Real-time Monitoring of Forward and Reflected Power
  • Real-time Monitoring of Receive Noise Floor
Theory of Operations

The M2205 is a stand-alone base transceiver housed in an 8" deep 1RU rack-mount enclosure. Internally, it comprises five subsystems: receiver, transmitter, timebase, FPGA/DSP, and baseband/network processor. During normal operation, the M2205 connects to receive and transmit base antennas, a GPS antenna, and an Ethernet cable. Optionally, for high power transmission, the M2205 may be connected to a power amplifier and additional filters.


The M2205 is designed for mounting into a 19” rack. It requires an Ethernet connection with an IP path available to a control stack, and connections for GPS as will as filters, diplexers, antennas as necessary. For outdoor systems, a M2205 installation may also includes a power amplifier and additional filtering. As per the R56 standard, all antenna lines as well as the GPS lines must be properly protected with a surge suppressor clamped to the site external ground bus bar, and the equipment rack must be grounded to the site main ground bus bar.

P/NFrequency RangeGPS Ports
CRS-M2205-A-I806-815/851-860MHzA and B
CRS-M2205-B-I806-815/851-860MHzB Only