M1483 800MHz Node Transceiver


The M1483 Node Transceiver connects an OEM device to a 800MHz iocast network. It supports fixed and mobile nodes, bidirectional communications, and all node availability values. The M1483 enables a wide range of applications ranging from sensors requiring a multi-year battery life to mobile alerting units requiring sub-second latency.

The M1483 is a complete iocast NX, soldering directly to a host PCB and interfacing with a local microcontroller using NXI. It requires a 1.8V logic interface, a 2.1 – 4.2 VDC supply, and an antenna. The M1483 autonomously performs all network related tasks and can roam between systems. Its RF and DSP performance enable sector connection and reliable communication even when the nearest base transceiver is 15-20 miles away.

For mission-critical IoT, the M1483 delivers high value, low energy consumption, and mission-critical reliability in urban, rural, and industrial environments.

  • Bidirectional communications
  • Unicast and multicast datagrams
  • Adjustable low power and low latency
  • Strong encryption
  • Sub-second message delivery
  • Over-the-air time and date
  • Over-the-air configuration and encryption keys
  • Up to 16 multicast addresses

The M1483 includes a digital narrowband PHY, a baseband/protocol processor, and an NXI interface. It solders onto a host PCB and provides all necessary functions required to maintain connection with an Iocast network.

P/NFrequency RangeAntenna Port