Improve Patient Safety

Reliably notify clinical staff within 5 seconds, and confirm all messages are received and read.

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Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Quickly notify the correct personnel and confirm they're in a position to respond to the patient. Escalate alarms as necessary to avoid delays, fatigue, and inefficiency.

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Improve Efficiency

Record all messages and all responses for long term trending and analysis using our response dashboard. Satisfy HIPPA requirements with 128 bit encryption.

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Don't Rely on Wi-Fi!

Our high-power systems eliminate the dead spots, IT issues, and RF interference that make Wi-Fi a poor choice for clinical alerting.

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Reduce Turnout Time

Dispatch first responders and then inform incident commanders who read the message and when they will arrive on scene.

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Protect High-Value Assets

Provide reliable, secure messaging to security and fire units, ensuring protection power generation facilities and other high-value installations.

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Dispatch Reliably and Cost-Effectively

Dispatch customer service and line maintenance personnel reliably and cost-effectively across multi-state power generation and distribution systems.

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Send the message. Know who’s responding.

We provide turn-key solutions for notification, response paging, and alerting. Our customers include public safety, hospitals, critical infrastructure, and other organizations requiring mission-critical communications. Our systems alert your personnel then tell you who got it, who read it, and when they’ll be on scene.